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When Orbs Attack!


NOTE : CONTROLLER REQUIRED (TWIN STICK SHOOTER)When Orbs Assault! is a frantically paced, robust as nails bullet hell twin stick shooter impressed by the arcade classics. The one objective is to outlive, the one query is how lengthy.Take pleasure in! How lengthy have you ever survived? Are you able to obtain 'god like'?
Left Analog (Transfer Ship)Proper Analog (Rotate Ship)Left Shoulder (Drop Mine when Ship is carrying one)Proper Shoulder (Shoot)Black Holes can solely be destroyed with mines. Being close to a black gap will pull you in direction of and finally into it.Partitions can solely be destroyed with mines or the shotgun. Capturing partitions with regular bullets will deflect them away from you.Mines will be locations down however you may as well set off mines by operating into objects backwards when carrying one.