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Halo Pelican Attack


On this top-down action-packed shooter, your goal is to destroy all enemies, and retrieve an object of immense worth to Humanity, a Forerunner Artifact.You’re a Captain aboard a Pelican drop ship, certainly one of the united states’s most interesting pilots. The planet which you might be stationed on has come below assault by the Covenant which seeks one of many Forerunner artifact, historic objects of immense energy which are actually within the possession of UNSC scientists. Your fleet is gone, leaving the planet undefended from aggressors. It’s now as much as you to repel the Covenant assault, and retrieve the Forerunner artifact earlier than the Covenant retrieves it, and destroys your own home.Goal: Utilizing the arrow keys to steer your ship, and the area bar to fireside, you want destroy all enemies, earlier than they destroy you. Retrieve the artifact after which get out of there.
W Transfer UpS Transfer DownD Transfer RightA Transfer Left